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Municipal Consulting Group services the District of Columbia, Montgomery County and Fairfax County.

Municipal Consulting Group, LLC

Building Permit Expediters

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Providing Building Permit Solutions For D.C. Area Property Managers, Architects, Contractors, Businesses and Home Owners 

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Building Permit Consulting & Expediting Services to Design Professionals, Businesses, Contractors, Property Managers and Home Owners

A few of the agencies we obtain approvals for our clients.


At MCG, we “simply get it done” by providing guidance throughout the permitting process, pro actively managing  municipal approvals, taking responsibility for the project and immediately responding to any questions or issues that arise.
ProjectDox Expediting
Permit Expediting
Permit Consulting
Permit & Zoning Research
Building Code Research
Occupancy Permit Facilitation
Pre Development Services:
Pre-Design Consulting
Enviromental Inpact Due Diligence
BZA Consulting
Facilitate Prilimiary Design Reveiw Meetings w/ City Agencies
Public Utility Coordination & Research
DDOT / Public Space Pre-Design Checklist
Permit Cost Estimating

Plan Certification
Traffic Control Plans
Third Party Plan Review
Third Party Inspections
Business Licenses
Special Events
Trade Permits (Electrical Plumbing, Mechanical. Etc)
Building PermitConsulting & Expediting Services to Design Professionals, Businesses, Contractors, Project Managers and Home Owners.

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Tel: (202) 607-7035
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Municipal Consulting Group
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Our Goal
Our goal is to create an environment where our clients, has an advocate to professionally facility the permit process.  Municipal Consulting Group, LLC believes that our vast experience greatly improves the quality of the process, and response time in obtaining the required approvals to start construction or open your business.
We focus on the big picture which help us develop a strategy to achieve your overall project goals.  As specific needs arise, we provide the services necessary for having your project approved. We coordinate all required documentation for submission to the various agencies; such as DCRA, DDOT, DOE, DOH, WASA and Zoning. All projects and names are kept confidential at all times.
Municipal Consulting Group, LLC handles all the coordination between city officials, and your Project manager, Architect, Engineer, and Contractor involved in your project.

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(202) 607-7035

About Us

Municipal Consulting Group, LLC is a full service permit expediting firm who works with Contractors, Architects, New Businesses and Property Managers to streamline the pre-construction process. We started in 2003 as company dedicated to our client’s needs and creating a system to fit within the parameters of their current program. Focused on efficiency and accuracy we have grown into a firm that stands above the other expeditors you might find. Our clients have enjoyed a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with a team of professionals tailored to meet their needs in the pre-construction industry.

Our goal is to give our clients the additional support they need to meet their construction expectations and schedules. Our team members work equally well with companies whose sales staff is focused on the customers and the product presentations, as well as, design teams who want to roll out the next best branding design without unnecessary delays.

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(202) 607-7035

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